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You might be familiar with PMI, Project Management Institute, but do you know that we champion more than projects? While we’re all about project and program success, we also understand just how critical business analysis and requirements are to achieving that success. You can rely on the unparalleled experience, tools and resources of PMI to help you advance your career and fuel forward progress in your organization.

News: BA continues to thrive

Insight into the foundational standard on BA progress

Building the Foundation: the BOK on BA is a blog from the core team members developing the new Foundational Standard in Business Analysis. Take the journey along with the team as they share what's happening "behind the scenes" of this important body of knowledge.

Join the conversation on topics like Executive-Level Support, Advocating for Business Analysis and more. The team wants to hear from you! After all, the standard is being built for the community, by the community.

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PMI-PBA® Certification

It's time to become the certified expert your organization needs. Spotlight your skills working with stakeholders, defining requirements, shaping project results and driving intended business outcomes. Join your peers in over 60 countries around the world in setting yourself apart with the PMI-PBA. Learn more about PMI-PBA; the fastest-growing business analysis certification.

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Another look Inside Business Analysis for Practitioners: A Practice Guide

With nearly 60,000 downloads, our practice guide on business analysis is a must-read. Now, you can take a free look inside the guide and find out what it has to say about planning, one of the five BA knowledge areas.

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Podcast: The Business of BA, part 2
In our second episode, Joy Beatty, one of the authors of PMI's upcoming foundational standard in business analysis, talks with PMI's resident expert, Dave Bieg, about planning, one of the five BA knowledge areas from our practice guide.

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Business Analysis for Practitioners: A Practice Guide
Implementing Organizational Project Management: A Practice GuideReleased in 2014, this practice guide has made a huge impact on the global business analysis community, with over 54,000 copies in print. If you work with business analysis, it’s your go-to resource for practical advice on all aspects of this growing field.
$34.95 ($27.95 or free download for PMI members)

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    Projects aren’t getting any easier, but a strong project manager and business analyst team can make a difference.

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    Discover why it’s growing fast and being adopted globally.

  • What would Shane do?

    Shane Hastie shares hard-won words of wisdom based on his 30+ years of experience in the field.

  • Advice from the field

    A quick study in “how to do anything better” when it comes to business analysis.

  • Who needs it?

    Find out if you’re a candidate for everything the PMI-PBA has to offer.

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